Monday, February 18, 2013

"How Many Friends did Plato Have?"

On Monday, February 25 at 4:00 in JR 319, Dr. Kevin O'Neill, Professor of Philosophy at University of Redlands, will be giving a presentation entitled: "How Many Friends did Plato Have?: Rhetoric and Self-Presentation in Classical Athens."

Dr. Kevin O'Neill has expertise in both classical rhetoric and new media. During his talk, Dr. O'Neill will argue that rhetoric developed as a set of strategies for self-presentation in a culture in which love of public honor was a central value. He will also expand on the topic to include some remarks on Plato's rhetorical strategies.

For those that have not seen Kevin O'Neill speak before, this is a great opportunity to see a fabulous rhetorician speak on a fascinating topic. Dr. O'Neill is a fantastic speaker and always makes for an exciting conversation.

I hope that many of you can make it to this event, as it is a very unique opportunity!

Please contact Dr. Irene Clark for more information regarding Dr. O'Neill's presentation.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Make Your Wednesdays OM-Mazing!

Do you have an interest in finding inner peace, improving your flexibility, or socializing with other department members?

Yogi-extraordinaire, Kathy Leslie, would like to cordially invite all graduate students, faculty, or other interested folks to join her on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30pm in JR 319 for a dose of Zen.

Please bring a mat and something to cushion from the hard floor, such as a yoga blanket.

As always, beginners are very welcome and encouraged to come. Don't worry about being inflexible or knowing nothing about yoga--you will not be alone and the class will be geared toward all levels.

For more information, you can contact Kathy Leslie or me.

See you Wednesday!


Friday, February 8, 2013

February 8, 2013

Hello world! This is my first post as English Department Graduate Liaison! First, I would like to thank all of you for your support and for voting for me last fall. It is a great honor to be your representative. I will be using this blog to deliver the important information from the faculty board meetings that relates to graduate student interests, as well as get feedback on the concerns and issues that graduate students feel should be addressed. I will be working closely with Dr. Stallcup to make sure that the voice of the graduate students is a unified one that will be heard during these meetings. Feel free to comment on this blog, or email me at if you have any direct questions. This blog will not address all issues discussed at faculty meetings; rather, this is a filtered version that includes only information that graduate students will find pertinent.

Meeting February 8, 2013

Alumni Chapter:
Kathy Leslie brought up the prospect of the English department sponsoring an alumni chapter. This chapter would not only unify our department's alumni, but would also help create a strong community and connection between current students, faculty, and alumni. If you know any alumni who are successful in fields besides education and academia, the faculty would be interested in getting those names so that they can begin to contact people who would serve on the board, as a mentor for current students, and as a founding member of the chapter.

Future Hiring:
The faculty board is compiling a list of fields for potential future hiring. While there is nothing concrete yet, some suggestions for areas of specialization included 19th Century American Literature, Rhetoric and Composition (Developmental Writing), Digital Humanities, Popular Culture/Cultural Studies and Creative Nonfiction. I was asked what the graduate students would have the most interest in, as well as where they saw the most need and growth in the department. If you feel that any of these fields (or others) have a need for a new addition to our department, please let me know. I will be reporting my findings back to Dr. Stallcup mid-next week.

Library News:
Beginning in Summer 2013, the library will begin its (hopefully) short remodel process. The main lobby will see the largest changes, with a new, open floor plan ("Learning Commons") that has been successful in many different universities, including Ivy League schools. The 'Sip will also be given a more permanent presence (no more cart!), and the LRC will move onto the 3rd floor of the library. The projected completion date for the library is by the beginning of Fall 2013. More information will be discussed at the next meeting, but those who want more information can speak to our library board representative, Dr. Charles Hatfield, or read this article from the Daily Sundial.

That about covers it for today's meeting. If you have any thoughts, feedback, or questions about anything that was discussed, please feel free to contact me.