Saturday, April 20, 2013

Faculty Meeting: April 19

After a string of postponed and canceled meetings, we finally had the second faculty meeting of the semester. The packed agenda contained a few points of interest for graduate students:

New Course Proposal

Nicole Warwick attended the meeting to discuss her new proposed course, English 216: Writing and Rhetorics. This course would fill the gap that our department feels exists at the 200 level for writing. As of now, there is only one 200 level writing class, English 205, which is for business majors. This class will look at multiple, cultural rhetorics through the use of ethnography.

There was a lot of discussion about the requirements for the course. However, the good news for graduate students is that this class, if approved, could open up new teaching spots for lecturers-- which means that (after graduation) there is a possibility of teaching something besides FYC!

For more information on the course, or just for curiosity, please contact Nicole Warwick.

DH SoCal Research Slam

The Center for the Digital Humanities (Director: Scott Kleinman) will be hosting a regional Digital Humanities Research Slam on May 4. This promises to be a very interesting event with presenters from UCLA, UCSB, as well as our very own CSUN students and lecturers.

Please contact Scott Kleinman (or visit for more information.

Join 4humanities@CSUN

4humanities set up a new chapter at CSUN a couple of years ago, but the program is growing. Do you have interest in making documentaries? Have you seen the 4humanities@CSUN mini-docs on youtube? Scott Kleinman is asking all students interested in participating in telling the CSUN digital humanities story to please join 4humanities@CSUN.

Please contact Scott Kleinman for more information.

General Announcements/Events

Sigma Tau Delta is holding their conference, "Worlds Between," on April 27 in the USU. More information can be found on their website.

The graduating graduate students are prepping their final presentations for their 698D conference, PARADIGMS: redefined & redesigned. This will take place on May 3 in JR 319. More information can be found on the Facebook event page

The Critical Theory Club will be holding a "Dark Knight Death Match" between Professors Ranita Chatterjee and Charles Hatfield on this coming Tuesday at 7:00 in Oviatt Presentation Room #81. More information can be found on the Facebook event page.

And also, check out these great events:

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